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Project Name:  Kane Ranch Environmental Investigations, Fountain, Colorado

Date Project Began: June 2006

Date Project Completed: February 2007

Project Description:  The Kane Ranch operated as a cattle ranch and commercial feedlot beginning in the early 1900s.  The early ranching operations included control of disease and parasites by using arsenic compounds and pesticides directly applied to the cattle via a "dipping vat" (a long seven foot deep trench filled with these liquid compounds in which cattle were walked through). In addition, ranch activities included fueling of generators and ranching equipment using above ground and underground storage tanks.  Site investigations by others identified organochlorine pesticide impacts to soil and petroleum hydrocarbon impacts to soil and groundwater.  Casey Resources, Inc. (CRI) implemented field investigations to define the areal extent and depth of both soil and groundwater contamination.  The field investigations included the drilling of soil borings, installation of monitoring wells, and collection of surface soil, surface water, and subsurface soil samples.  Based on these investigations, CRI established the following: 1) petroleum and organochlorine pesticides had not impacted the adjacent Williams Creek, 2) the organochlorine pesticide impact was limited in depth and areal extent and could be managed (remediated) onsite, and 3) the petroleum hydrocarbon impact was naturally degrading with time.  Based on these data, CRI recommended to our client to proceed with a Voluntary Cleanup Plan Application and negotiations with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to remediate the property.  The Voluntary Cleanup Plan (VCUP) Application was submitted to the CDPHE and outlined the capping of organochlorine pesticide soils and monitoring of the petroleum impact to show that the impact is naturally degrading.  The VCUP Application was approved by the CDPHE in February 2007.  The VCUP implementation was completed by others.


Type of Contamination: Organochlorine pesticide impacted soil and petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil and groundwater.


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