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Casey Resources, Inc
Facility Environmental Permitting, Site Closure, and Delisting
Casey Resources, Inc. (CRI) can assess the needs for your project's permitting requirements, assist with permit applications, document permit related activities, and perform permit required monitoring and maintenance.

  • Air
    • Title V Permits
    • New Source Review Permits
    • PSD/Offsets
    • Opt-Out/Synthetic Minor Permits
    • BACT/LAER Analysis
  • Groundwater Discharge
  • NPDES Stormwater and Wastewater
  • Sample and Monitoring
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Permit Monitoring
  • Waste Characterization
  • Industrial Pretreatment Programs
  • Permit Review
  • Permit Development and Modification

CRI can provide Closure/Post-Closure Monitoring/Site Delisting.

Upon concluding remedial actions, the goal is to demonstrate the success of the treatment before moving on to site closure and regulatory delisting. 
Closure requirements address the equipment and the site under remediation as well as its environment.

Essentially, all materials used during remediation must be decontaminated and removed from the site. The site itself must be demonstrated to have achieved standard closure, clean closure, or hybrid closure according to regulatory requirements.

In most cases, a post-closure-care-and-monitoring plan is developed to demonstrate that no significant threat to human health or the environment remains. Following the post-closure-care period, which under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) extends for 30 years, final regulatory delisting may be possible. Delisting involves removing the site from regulatory authority after demonstrating that a long-term solution to site contamination has been achieved.

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