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Casey Resources, Inc

Project Name: Review Environmental Information for Nine Gasoline Stations, Colorado

Date Project Began: October 2005

Date Project Completed: October 2005

Project Description:  Casey Resources, Inc. (CRI) was requested by Dunton Realty to review the available information for nine gasoline stations located in Colorado and to report our findings in less than four days in order to meet a purchase deadline.  Based on the information provided and research conducted at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS), CRI prepared property assessment reports for each of the nine gasoline stations and ranked each of the properties based on the potential of environmental remediation and the estimated cost to complete remediation.  Based on the reports provided, Dunton advised its client on which properties could be purchased as is and those for which a reduced price could be negotiated.


Type of Contamination:  Petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil and groundwater.


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